“Why are we here, Maximus?”

What is going on here, and why?  There’s me in here, there’s you out there, there’s the world, there’s all of us with our points of view, none of which anyone else really sees or quite understands (context is everything), but we all believe we could change the world in all the best ways, if only we were given the chance.

I think if people read more SF, I’d be more readily understood (assuming I’m misunderstood, of course – who isn’t?).  John Scalzi is great.  Iain M. Banks “Culture” is the best.  “Speak Marain, damnit!”

I’m just a Ragnar Danneskjold wanna-be.  That’s just a philosophical point of view, not a call to arms.

In the longtime scheme of things, I do believe we’re due for revolutionary change.  In my opinion, gov’t is out of control, gone “corporatist” (previously known as oligarchy and plutocracy), assuming you care what I think.  If you don’t, why are you here?

So, to recap, …

The USA Neocons in charge are attempting to foment WWIII vs. Russia using Ukraine as proxy battlefield. Moscow Russians protest, “There’ll be no Maidan here!”, worried about a CIA + EU + IMF + NATO + western Ukraine + Nazi stormtrooper backed coup in Moscow too!  CIA is also protecting opium growers in Afghanistan whose output is fueling a heroin epidemic in Russia.  Putin wonders why after Sochi, this?

The US Constitution is on hold.  Swearing an oath doesn’t mean today what it used to mean, else there’d be other than whistleblowers up on charges of treason.  They’ve a militarized standing occupation army over them, fighting wars on domestic soil, something they once fought a Revolutionary War over.  Mainstream media led by the New York Times sings of their battle cries.

Torture is defended.  Whistleblowers are prosecuted endlessly or driven into exile. The MPAA plus Pharma Imaginary Property battle will kill culture (I boycott).  Aaron Swartz is hounded to suicide.  Can this century get any sillier?

On the bright side (re: cop shootings of civilians):

“Of persons shot: 4% were Asian or Filipino, 19% African-American, 36% Latino, 1% Pacific Islander, 37% Anglo, and the race or ethnicity of 4% were unknown.”


So, 37% Anglo, 36% Latino, and only 19% Black. It seems the cops in the US don’t treat caucasians better than minorities. I’ve been wondering why cops never do things to me that I hear of them doing to many others, yet I’d never seen it. Others said that’s because I’m white. Apparently not.

Now I’m fiddling with WordPress on a Sunday morning thanks to Michael Gheist (sp?).  I’m also testing applications running in my new Linux install.  Fluxbox kind of works.  Sound degraded to left speaker.  Runs 20 C hotter than Mint 17 was, even in Fluxbox.  i2p server appears to work.

Still lots of wonkiness with charsets and keyboard.  Classic “Debian gotcha.”  I had to type my wordpress password into emacs, then paste that into wp’s pword field to login.  Once in, this editor appears fine.  Go figure.  What charset and keyboard is the pword field seeing?  Or, what is Firefox transmitting, but only in the pword field?  Wonkiness.

FYI: http://wiki.debian.org/StephenKeeling – I’m also on LinkedIn, but I’m not a social networking type.  I seldom go there.  What I’m doing with WordPress, I’m still hoping to discover.


“Historian, technical specialist (IT), philosopher (classical liberal); graduate of “Ragnar Danneskjold’s School of Confrontational Politics and Gunboat Diplomacy”, veritable bottomless pit of useless information.”

I suppose I should explain myself, sometime. Well, okay, I enjoy learning and knowing about history.  He who doesn’t know of history is doomed to repeat it, yes?  I enjoy classical liberal philosophy.  I’m a Randroid (so sue me).  Hence, Ragnar Daneskjold, my favorite character from Atlas Shrugged; the terrorist.  I’m also a libertarian, for some values of “libertarian.”

Which leads to my most heinous crime: veritable bottomless pit of useless information.  Guilty.  You would not believe the minutiae I know.  Stuff nobody wants to bother knowing, I think is fun to know.  I’m the guy who tries to not remember shit, because we have computers to do that for us, right, yet there’s stuff I prefer to know than leave to a computer.  Hell, how would I find it again once consigned to a computer?

First, I should figure out why I’m here (blogging on WordPress) and whether I wish to continue.  Hence, “Huh.”  Has blogging resurrected itself to be our saviour from Facebook and Twitter?  I’m not a social-networking kind of person, so I don’t know.  Here, I’m thinking of Aristotle’s, “things as they could, and should, be …”  I’m ever always thinking of things as they could and should be.

I’ve been wrangling a new Debian Linux install into place, and trying to figure out whether i2p was working and doing something useful.  I believe it may be but am not sure.  I like jessie/testing.

There you go.  Blog one (on WordPress, that is).  Updated.